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pic What is MCNLive?

MCNLive is a complete operating system running from CD or USB stick. It is based on Mandriva Linux and designed for desktops and notebooks. Included software for all your needs: internet applications, office suite, networking tools, multimedia software. MCNLive operates in a so-called live mode. It's a great way to carry your entire 'computer' wherever you are. With automatic hardware detection. A portable Pocket OS without the need to install permanently on a hard disk. A secure, comfortable and fast desktop with a pleasant look and an easy to use graphical user interface.
A computer (min. i586 or compatible) with at least 192 MB RAM, 512 MB if you would like to enjoy the full functionality. Bootable from CD ROM. A recent BIOS capable to boot from USB will give you the full experience of the LiveUSB version. Monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution. Keyboard, mouse.

First steps

Make sure your computer BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM prior to hard disk. Download for free the MCNLive .iso file. Burn the file to a CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R/RW medium. Reboot your computer with inserted MCNLive cd. Follow the instructions on the boot screen. No changes will be made to your hardware or installed operating system. Find more informations on the download page.

Tips for MCNLive Delft (May 2007)

Tips (in English) can be found on
Available bootcodes for 'Delft'

Tips for MCNLive VirtualCity (February 2007)

Tips (in English) can be found on

Tips for MCNLive Cherbourg (November 2006)

Tips (in English) can be found on

Live Mode - Flash Memory - Installation - Limits

Tell Me More (from the humor department)

"MCNLive is on the linux scene what Jil Sander is in the world of fashion. Understated and sleek design, luxurious and exclusive fabrics." Not cheap, not for the masses.

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