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Where to download

You can download the iso images of the MCNLive CD/ MCNLive USB editions for free.

These are the different editions, a newer version usually means better support of new hardware:

Toronto: May 2007, based on Mandriva 2007.1 Spring, KDE, English only, VirtualBox, KOffice and more.
Delft: May 2007, based on Mandriva 2007.1 Spring, KDE, English, Dutch, French, Italian
VirtualCity: 1st Call Air Ambulance February 2007, based on an updated Mandriva 2007, KDE, bundled with VirtualBox OSE, English only
Cherbourg: November 2006, based on Mandriva 2007.0, KDE, English/Dutch/French
Leuven: May 2006, based on Mandriva 2006 (but with kernel 2.6.14), KDE, English/Dutch (special edition 'Jaco' with English/French/Afrikaans)
Jordaan: October 2005, based on Mandriva 2006 (but with kernel 2.6.14), Xfce, English only. First edition with Live USB support.
Brugge: May 2005, based on Mandriva 2005 LE, KDE, English/Dutch
Haarlem: February 2005, based on Mandrake 10.1, KDE, English/Dutch

FTP download mirrors for all MCNLive editions:pic

Release notes, md5sum and a list of installed packages available in the resp. directories.

MCNLive is made off the free Mandriva Linux distribution without changing the source. You can download the sources from and distrib-coffee or from one of the mirrors.

Info about downloading, iso images and md5sum

Community and support pic --»English and international MCNLive forum --»Dutch and Belgian MCNLive forum

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