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18-01-08 Any Questions

If you have any questons about MCNLive please visit the international forum Chris has stopped being involved in the project, but others at and on the official Mandriva Linux Forum are working on new scripts and a new edition based on Mandriva 2008.

22-05-07 MCNLive Toronto is out

Awaiting the summer season (without computers and software) I am glad to announce MCNLive, code name "Toronto". What's the difference to "Delft": VirtualBox OSE, KOffice Suite, Gimp, Gthumb, Gxine, Gftp, Bluefish, Quanta, kaudiocreator, Kopete, kdebluetooth-pin, bunch of networking tools and printer packages added. English only edition. Improved isolinux bootsplash, with keyboard navigation to select a boot option, different wallpapers, fixed (non-critical) error messages when shutting down the system in livecd persist mode.


And it's my pleasure to invite you all to our new English forum at
Download Toronto here.

10-05-07 New Forum at

Our friends at gave our English and international users a place to go for all questions, remarks, feedback and sharing ideas. Thank you very much: tyme, mystified, Ixthusdan, paul and spinynorman!

06-05-2007 Delft Final Released

A new edition of MCNLive, code name "Delft" is out, a fun release based on Mandriva Spring 2007.1, lacking any office or work-related software packages that would seriously distract your mind. A portable Linux live system for CD or USB drives, with some smart wizards to get the best out of a Live system. Add software, set it up on your pendrive, run it entirely from RAM, write to NTFS partitions, create your own version on-the-fly, switch languages, make all changes persistent.


KDE 3.5.6 with a set of internet, music and video applications, games and more: Opera 9.20, Midnight Commander, K3b, gnomad2. English (default), Dutch, French, Italian pre-installed. 3D desktop - Beryl, Compiz and Metisse - for Intel and ATI cards, with nvidia 2D joy only. Included WIFI drivers. 100% Mandriva 2007.1 compatible. If you really *must*, install it on your hard disk. (My advice for serious work: pick simply the best, the real Mandriva Linux.)


Get your copy, a complete list of installed software and the more technical release notes at
We hope that you enjoy this new release.

PS. Our forum at is still pretty broken, my hardware is slowly dying, my network access at home has mysterious issues and spring this year in Holland seems to be summer. Something in the air currently?
PPS. What is Delft?  Who is the woman on the wallpaper?

04-05-07 Delft RC3 on the mirrors

MCNLive-Delft RC3 has arrived on the download mirrors. Changelog: improved wizards 'Create loop image' and 'Remaster - simple' (thx Maurice and Michel), added juk and bc, enabled service syslog, updated initscript/network package, fixed halt script, net_applet in systray, really disable ipv6, changes to html info pages, MCNL menu entries, bookmarks, second desktop is back with alternative beach wallpaper. Get it here.

27-04-07 MCNLive "Delft" Release Candidate

Announcing the RC1 of the upcoming MCNLive code name "Delft".
* Based on and 100% compatible with Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Spring
* Including wifi drivers. No closed source nvidia and ati driver.
* 3D desktop - Beryl, compiz and Metisse - for most Intel and ATI cards.
* KDE desktop with a set of internet, music and video applications, games and more.
* 4 languages preinstalled: English (default), Dutch, French, Italian :-)

Features - as known from earlier editions
* Install additional software live, preconfigured sources
* Graphical wizard to create a Live USB on a USB stick or external hard disk
* copy2ram - run the entire system from internal memory
* Install to hard disk, with the Mandriva draklive-install wizard
* Make your own live version on-the-fly, while running from CD or from USB
* Switch to a different language on-the-fly ... or add the missing language

New and/or improved features
* Improved wizard: Backup - Restore Home
* New: Keep all system wide changes, make them persist. Stored in a loop image. A wizard to set up the loop disk on a internal hard disk or external removable drive. The bootcode 'livecd persist' will enable it.
* Improved: Remaster-on-the-fly got a graphical wizard.
* The boot code 'livecd ntfsrw' will mount all NTFS filesystems read-write, default is read-only.
* New boot code: vesa - it is a sort fall-back for the (very few) video cards that do not play nicely with the automatic configuration and would end up in non-graphical mode. 'vesa' will pick the vesa driver and uses a 1024x768 resolution for the monitor. This boot code is also handy for booting in VirtualBox and VMware.

Download it here, look at some screenshots , and help us at to work out the bugs.

02-03-07 A Logo Is Born
After 6 editions of MCNLive - we finally have official logos and banners:

banner   Thank you PeterM :-)

04-02-2007 Announcement: MCNLive "VirtualCity" Final
Designed to run from a 512 MB USB Flash Drive or from CD this new version comes bundled with VirtualBox OSE, an easy to use virtualisation software which let you run virtual machines at almost native speed. It seems that Mandriva 2007 and VirtualBox are a dream team. Create 'Virtual Machines', run existing VM's from your hard disk. Use this Live CD (or Live USB) in combination with a USB hard drive, packed with your favorite operating systems. The perfect mobile solution. Or just use it to discover what this virtualisation is all about.


  • All security and bugfixes updates from MDV 2007 have been applied. Handling of the JMicron controller should be improved.
  • And of course all the stunning features of Cherbourg are included. Create a bootable USB pen drive with a few clicks, run the system with the copy2ram cheatcode, make your own personalized live version on-the-fly, mount NTFS partitions read-write.
  • KDE desktop environment, konqueror, Opera, Amarok, JuK, kaudiocreator, kmplayer, digikam, KOffice suite, KDE games, Kontact suite, smb4k, kasablanca, kopete, k3b, Ark, kget, kate, Yakuake - and of course MCC, the Mandriva Control Center.
  • Preparing and creating this VirtualCity edition was fun! Never thought that playing with virtualisation could be so entertaining. Thank you korrel (Marco) for packaging the VirtualBox OSE version for Mandriva 2007. And thanks to all testers for the feedback.
    I hope you will enjoy this special edition of MCNLive. Get it here and take a screenshot tour.

    27-01-07 Second RC MCNLive VirtualCity
    VirtualCity-RC2 is now available. Changelog: Fixed booting from USB Flash Drive, added madwifi drivers, added tunctl, some cleanup. Please try it.

    25-01-2007 VirtualCity - MCNLive Release Candidate
    The first release candidate for the upcoming MCNLive-VirtualCity edition is out. What's new?
    * The virtualisation software VirtualBox OSE (Open Source Edition) is pre-installed. Create new Virtual Disk Images on a hard disk, run existing images stored on your hard disk. Requirements: enough RAM.
    Please give us some feedback, test and report bugs, either on or via email (mcnlive at It's the first OSE version for Mandriva 2007 Official. korrel: you rock :-)
    More info about this virtualisation software
    * A bunch of packages have been updated from the official MDV 2007 update mirrors, incl. the kernel (jmicron controller now detected?). Opera updated to version 9.10.
    * Small changes to the mklivecd scripts and the 'Create Live USB' script. Added a special script for folks who have Flash Drives with non-valid MBR's.
    * VirtualCity is an English only edition. The updates and VirtualBox made it necessary to remove the NL and FR localizations, in order to keep the size small and to not break the copy2ram feature on boxes with 512 MB RAM.
    * All features from Cherbourg are included. Known issue: the madwifi kernel module (for atheros based wifi chipsets) are not yet included. I broke booting from USB Flash Drive, here an easy workaround or wait for the next version.
    * Download MCNLive VirtualCity here!

    18-01-2007 MCNLive news :: LiveUSB - Remastered Editions - VirtualBox
    * In december Mandriva launched their product Mandriva Flash. Go Mandriva!
    * MCNLive Cherbourg has been a great success, in particular running it from a USB Flash Drive and creating your very own version. FreevoLive!, Exton-Man 2007 and PSKLive - just to name those which are available for downloading.
    * VirtualBox emulation software is now free, open source. Take a look at what you can do, running and installing MCNLive inside Windows XP .
    * I am thinking of preparing another edition of MCNLive the next weeks, with some small surprises. Stay tuned.

    18-11-2006 :: MCNLive Cherbourg released
    I am glad to announce a new edition of MCNLive, code name Cherbourg, a portable Live Linux system based on and 100% compatible with Mandriva Linux 2007.
    * Some highlights: 2.6.17 kernel. 3D desktop (AIGLX) with the free xorg drivers for Intel and ATI video cards. Desktop environment: KDE 3.5.4. Office Suite: KOffice, Open Document Format. KDE games. Opera 9.02. Music, Video and Image applications with most common codecs. Internet and networking applications for all your needs. NTFS read-write support. All this on less than 360 MB. An -almost- complete home desktop system.
    * Install additional packages while running live. Software sources preconfigured.
    * Three languages: English, Dutch, French. Default language is English. You can switch to another language with a few clicks.
    * A graphical wizard is included to put MCNLive on a USB Flash drive to run it in LiveUSB mode.
    * A small wizard will help you to backup and restore your documents and personal settings.
    * New feature: create your very own live system on-the-fly. Remaster MCNLive while running from CD or from USB stick. No need to install first to your hard disk.
    * Graphical wizard: install to hard disk (Tip: you better use the real Mandriva Linux distro for a HD installation)

    Have a look at the Cherbourg screenshot gallery and download the new version from
    one of our main ftp mirrors .

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